Kavich, was born in Hungary. He enjoyed drawing even as a child.

Between 1990 and 1999, he attended continuing education courses for artists, learning painting. He excelled at using antique technologies and materials; upon request, he worked on restoration projects of paintings and wall murals. In his painting, he created a unique visual world, using antique painting techniques, traditional materials and tools. In the early years, he concentrated on working with flora and fauna in natural settings. Even at this time, he was a multi-faceted artist - he created his first statues using ceramic technologies in the early '90s. In the intermediate stages of the creative process, he applied his knowledge of metals and woodworking with success. He spent two years working on the design collection of a tattoo shop where he also worked as a tattoo artist. He was often asked to illustrate poems of contemporary Hungarian authors, provide paintings, pencil and pen drawings for children's stories. Using digital technology, he created cover art for music albums, and designed and created silver jewelry for his own purposes. By 2000, the peculiar visual world that is characteristic of his work has solidified: he often builds on substantively different visual and aesthetic elements that are logically similar. Symbolism is important in his work. The outstanding use and high quality appearance of color on his pictures is due to his own, home-made paints and foundation techniques he developed on his own

The artist's fine art work's in the world's countries since 1998: Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Slovakia, China, Deutschland, USA.

Contact&Info : info@kavichart.com Website: www.kavichart.com